What are people saying about "Toes Turn Purple"?


Garrett Gunderson

New York Times Bestselling Author of Killing Sacred Cows, Founder of Inc 500 firm.  

This book has changed the way I am raising my children. It teaches parents how to foster entrepreneurship, achievement, gratitude, and generosity--all in a captivating narrative that will entertain as well as educate.


Alan Hall

Chairman of MarketStar Corporation

The values taught in these short and engaging stories were captivating and informative. The perspectives offered from both the teen and his parents were powerful and insightful.  For any anxious mother and father, this extraordinary book will provide the reader with thoughtful guidelines for rearing confident, happy, and successful children



Rick Maw

Co-founder of ValuesParenting.com   

The Christiansen’s are an example of how supporting each other, teaching traditional values, and engaging in fun-adventurous activities together strengthens a family and encourages individual uniqueness.  This book is full of sound principles for all families.



Cathy L. Greenberg, PhD,

Wall Street Journal and NY Times Bestselling Author of Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus

This book not only gave me hope in the "fearless abilities" of Millennial's, but also made me realize there is still a teenager inside of me. I always say "I'm not my age, I'm my heartbeat".


Kat Loterzo,

Author, Speaker & Success Coach

If you're passionate about raising strong, independent and purpose-driven kids who win big in business and life then this book is a MUST! Our children will absolutely go in the direction we guide them, and this book provides a powerful insight into how to do exactly that!


Desiree Ward,

Unconventional Kitchen

Rich has been a real mentor to me in a lot of areas, but the most impactful has been the way he parents his kids. His kids have turned out to be the type of children everyone wants to raise: respectful, hard working, and kind. His advice has had a huge impact on feeling connected as a family and our family culture.




Brett D. Christiansen


"Good parenting is one of the most difficult, yet vitally important responsibilities.  Kudos to Rich and Tim for giving us a such a fantastic and heartfelt resource.  Rich attacks this book with the same enthusiasm and energy he is famous for and hits another home run!"




Curtis Blair

CEO of Froghair & Cofounder at Hoodoo Capital

In today’s tech-driven society, Toes Turn Purple narrows the parent-teen gap by teaching timeless principles through real-life and artful story-telling. It’s a must read for any parent looking to make a life-long connection with their teen.





Lynn Abplanalp

Sr. VP of Temkin International -  Youth Advocate and Leader

We all want to help our kids to be successful, productive and happy, and Rich has found the right way to do it. His approach isn't pushy, and it isn't demanding--it's simply effective.





Dino Watts, Ph.D., and Shannon Watts

Bestselling author of The Practice RX

Rich’s new book is a great template for how to raise successful teens in this day and age. Each chapter had straightforward principles and easy- to -implement action steps for parents and kids. As a business and relationship coach, it’s distressing to see so many parents today still struggling with how to teach their kids about money, intimacy and how to succeed in life. I am so grateful that Rich and Tim have put together a practical study guide for today’s families that can initiate effective discussions and real results. I truly believe that following these principles will create a powerful and honest relationship with your teenager, while bringing out the best in them as well. I highly recommend this book to all parents looking to master the art of parenting.






Nancy Singleton

Co-Founder of Singleton Systems

“Even if Your Toes Turn Purple” is an incredible vehicle for looking at parenting with new hope and excitement.  Rich and Tim (Alex and Alice) have masterfully weaved storytelling with concepts that parents and teenagers alike can immediately use. The breakthrough theories revealed in this book are easily understood and the takeaways are profound. While absorbing the concepts in this book, not only did I have multiple “ah hah” moments, but I also found myself saying, “So THIS is how the Christiansens have managed to help mold their teenagers into such incredible adults.” This book will enlighten you and reinforce your understanding of the “MUST DO’S’ in raising teenagers who are confident, happy, and stand out.       






Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D.

CEO of Osmond Marketing

This book is hands down the best parenting book I have ever read. Rich shares his perspective and advice through captivating stories that educate as well as entertain. Not only did I learn from these stories myself, but I can also share them with my children to teach them in a way that they will listen.