Learn To Zig Zag

Read Rich Christiansen's other amazing book, "The Zigzag Principle". This book will teach you all the steps you need to take for creating a successful business, and can even be applied for helping your children learn the art of being an entrepreneur.

The Teen Parent Challenge

The Teen Parent Challenge is a seven day bonding exercise to get to know your parent or teen. Simply sign up for the challenge, and see it work wonders with your loved one


Experience the business Rich helped his three older sons create, and see the process they used to find success. Even learn how to tie a Half Windsor Knot along the way

Join Tim and Alex as they teach you with there own personal experiences. They may be young, but they can still be a force for good in your life, no matter the age

Let Rich, Tim, and Alex show you how any teenager can become a powerful Titan. Each chapter has a different theme that can be help you or your teenager learn to soar

The values taught in these short and engaging stories were captivating and informative. The perspectives offered from both the teen and his parents were powerful and insightful. For any anxious mother and father, this extraordinary book will provide the reader with thoughtful guidelines for rearing confident, happy, and successful children

Alan Hall- Chairman of MarketStar Coorporation

I've personally watched Rich and his wife build amazing relationships with their kids. The proof is in the product and all of their kids are strong, independent people. Having his advice with my own kids has been a blessing

Garrett B. Gunderson - Author of Killing Sacred Cows

Rich has been a real mentor to me in a lot of areas, but the most impactful has been the way he parents his kids. His kids have turned out to be the type of children everyone wants to raise: respectful, hard working, and kind. His advice has had a huge impact on feeling connected as a family and our family culture.

Desiree Ward - Unconventional Kitchen